I'm ​Becca Dzombak (she/her, pronounced "duh-zom-back"), a science writer with a Ph.D. in Earth & Environmental Sciences from the University of Michigan. As a writer and editor, I cover the natural world in the Anthropocene, help people share their personal and scientific stories, and analyze how science and social justice interact.

I use my unique combination of communications and hard-science background to pinpoint compelling stories at the intersection of science and society. How does climate change affect our food supply? How are ecosystems responding to human influence? How should academia evolve to be more inclusive? I aim to center historically-marginalized voices in my work.

I went to graduate school because I was curious, and that's why I write, too. Freelancing while pursuing my Ph.D. gave me the skillset to translate complex scientific concepts for broad audiences, making the latest research accessible for anyone who's curious, not only people with advanced degrees.

I'm open to work on stories about the natural world, broadly defined, as well as profiles and personal stories at the intersection of science and society. Contact me if you want to work together!

Email: contact [@]

For AGU business: rdzombak [@]

For GSA business: rdzombak [@]


​When I'm not writing, I enjoy running, baking, reading, and sailing.

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