I'm ​Becca Dzombak (she/her, pronounced "duh-zom-back"), a Ph.D. candidate in Earth & Environmental Sciences at the University of Michigan. Using the chemistry of soils, I study how Earth's landscapes, life, and atmosphere are connected, and how those links have changed through time. Through my writing, I cover earth sciences in the Anthropocene, help scientists share their personal stories, and write critically about race and gender in academia and the intersection of science and social justice.


I did my undergraduate degree at Michigan as well, although it wasn't until the end of my sophomore year that I realized geology was something I was interested in. I finished with a dual B.S. in Earth & Environmental Sciences and Communication Studies, which was my original major (my love of writing has persisted).

As I go into my final year of my Ph.D., I've come full circle back to my writing and communications roots. I love writing about science in a way that connects researchers to the public, which I'll get to do – while highlighting diverse geoscientists and their work – as GSA's Science Communication Fellow ('20-21).

Outside of grad school (because there is, in fact, such a thing as life outside grad school) I enjoy running, baking, reading, and sailing our 1982 Hobie 16 on Michigan's many lakes.

Please feel free to contact me about research and writing opportunities! (for GSA inquiries)


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