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Photos from the field

My research has taken me all over the world, including India, Iceland, Norway, and New Zealand. Here are a few of my favorite shots - check out the rest on my Flickr.
Glacier lagoon at sunset I.jpg

On our first evening in Iceland, as we drove along the southern coast, we had the good luck to come across Glacier Lagoon at sunset. The golden sunlight and still waters made for some stunning views and welcomed us to the country. No regrets from that stop!

August 2018

Outside the town of Vik in southern Iceland are classic black-sand beaches and high cliffs where puffins make their cozy homes. Watching them dive from the top to fish in the blue waters below was such a cool experience. (Sadly, my lens was too short to get a good puffin photo... I'll have to snap one next time!)

August 2018

Snæfells Scoria II.jpg

Snaefells Peninsula (the one north of Reykjavik) hosts a line of recent volcanoes; the landscape is dotted by bright red and purple scoria cones, with little vegetation other than the moss that stubbornly coats the rubble for miles.

August 2018

Glacial meltwater forms a pale braided stream system at the foot of Franz Josef glacier in New Zealand.

May 2017


During an extremely brief trip to India to sample K-Pg paleosols, our last stop took us near a small shrine in the countryside. These were scattered everywhere (along with the obligatory chai stops).

March 2017

Trondheim is a coastal city in the middle of Norway, home to some classic Scandanavian scenes like this one - as well as the Norwegian Geological Survey. I visited to sample Precambrian drill cores on a GSA graduate research grant.

May 2018

A shrine at the K-Pg site. #india #postc
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